Since 2014 – the teams that have taken part in these events have now raised more than £60,000 for their favourite charitable organisations – why not take part and help to raise more!!

“Anyone can enter a team and take part in this event.
Just sort your team, sort your bike and enter! It’s all so very easy!”

PCE Motopark

Down Farm Lane, Winchester, Hants. SO22 6RG

It may come as a bit of a shock to most of you however I have decided to not run any of the N50E events next year (2022). It’s been a long thought out decision and one which I know might not be a popular one.
I have enjoyed running these events more or less on my own since 2014. I’ve had great help and advice from many people during this time and I’ve made some good long lasting friendships with various teams and their members. Since the start I’ve been in awe of how much money these events have raised over these years and I had lost count when I knew that we’d hit the £60,000 mark back in 2018 meaning that it must be far more by now.
What does this mean for the future of the N50E? Well, basically, with everything going on around me, I’ve decided that I just need to take a break from it for a while, recap on everything and re-assess what I want to do with it.
I’m not ruling out any ‘practice’ events for 2022 as they are really good fun!
For those of you who have been keeping your machines in readiness for future events, you can still get your muddy moped kicks by taking part in the Moped Mayhem Events held at Weedon, Northants. It’s run by a good team and they run more or less the same regulations as the N50E. They can be found here on FB – just search for them to see what they do.
I will of course keep this FB page and going and update and announce anything new in due course.
In the mean time, I can only thank each and everyone of you who has advised, chatted, helped and most of all, taken part in these events. I have some very special memories of what’s gone on over the years.
Thank-you one and all.
I hope 2022 is a good year for you all.


Thanks to all those who took part and completed the three events over the 2020 & 2021 seasons – we have combined the points over the two years due to cancellation of events due to the Covid 19 pandemic. 

The final Nifty Fifty Endurance Championship positions have now been compiled and the results are

Class 1 Champions 194 Twist and Go
Class 2 Champions 255 Da Four King Bar Stars
Class 3 Champions 340 Flamboyant Sons of Rotron
Class 4 Champions 476 Novichok
Each of these teams will be awarded their trophies.

Take a moment to read through the regulations and if you are up for having a laugh with your mates and want to raise funds for your favourite charity; complete the registration form, make your payment and you’re in!

Since 2014 we estimate that our events have raised over £60,000 for great charities such as Cancer Research Uk, the Hampshire & I.O.W. Air Ambulance, Diabetes UK, R.N.I.B, Naomi House Children’s Hospice, Make a Wish Foundation plus over 100 more worthy causes up and down the Country.

Thanks to everyone who has either entered, helped out, come along to cheer the teams, or sponsored the riders. Everyone has had great days out!

You are all wonderful people.