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Nifty Fifty Endurance


Press Release


Over £11,000 has been raised for charity by sixty teams of fancy dressed moped and scooter riders.

Sixty teams of riders took to Winchester’s Route 34 Motopark last Saturday 14th May to compete in’s increasingly popular charity moped and scooter event. The teams had to battle their way around the tough off-road circuit for a gruelling five hours, endeavouring to keep their little 50cc to 90cc machines going. Most had to overcome mechanical breakdowns and fatigue in the hot sunny conditions along the way. Each of the machines once started life as road going models and were adapted especially for this event.

Each of the teams were asked to raise sponsorship and donations for their own favourite charities, in this, the first of three such events being held at this circuit this year. Trophies were awarded for the best placed finishers along with special trophies for Fancy Dress and also “Best Endeavours” a trophy awarded to the team who have tried the hardest to complete the event. On this occasion, that trophy was awarded to top British Superbike rider James Ellison and his team, as they had suffered all day long with various breakdowns and failures.

Event organiser Shaun Isaac says “It was a very special day! Seeing so many riders there having fun, whilst being cheered on by a large crowd of spectators was simply just amazing. To see them raise so much money for their favourite good causes was incredible! I’ve put these events together before in the past, but never before has so much been raised in one single day.  Everyone is looking forward to the next event in July, and I’m confident that we can carry on raising similar amounts of funding once again for such great causes”.

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Shaun Isaac

Event Organiser